Flute Lessons

Tara, one of the most sought after flute instructors in central Oklahoma, is committed to fostering confident young artists. Her energized, fun-filled, and holistic-approached lessons are designed to help students reach their goals. Tara enjoys teaching students of all levels, ages, and backgrounds and believes everyone is capable of learning how to play the flute. Her ultimate goal is for all students to perform above their expectations of themselves by always creating opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

Tara’s teaching philosophy places strong emphasis on student participation. Students design their own curriculum based on goals set at the beginning 113of each semester.  When students have well thought out goals to work towards throughout the entire year, the amount of growth is tremendous! By feeling a part of the process, students will achieve more out of their time with Tara.

During their time in the Burnett Flute Studio, students will have many opportunities to perform and learn outside of lessons. Tara hosts multiple masterclasses throughout the year with nationally-renowned flutists, performance and topic classes, mock auditions for those competing, and two studio recitals every year. In addition to performing, students are exposed to the many opportunities this art has to offer through different music concerts, conventions, and lectures. All of these opportunities are designed to create a more well-rounded education for each and every student.

raduation-and-Recital-013Lastly, Tara works with students on their: college admissions (regardless of major), rewards and achievements, jobs, etc…. She wants all of her students to be and feel successful. Tara helps create resumes, edits essays and personal statements, writes letters of recommendations, guidance on portfolios, helps with applications, and designs audition programs for those pursuing a Music Major degree in college. Whatever the students need to fulfill requirements, she helps them accomplish their desires.

Here is a general outline of educational guidelines that Tara follows in order to maximize growth as a flutist:

• Help you achieve a life-long appreciation of music and the arts12193608_10103057679717302_5642269375117947446_n
• Mastering the basics of technique, lyricism and musicality.
• Bring about an understanding of how to learn music effectively
• Introduce guidelines for developing strong self motivation, self-esteem, time management, concentration and responsibility
• Make learning as fun as possible
• Cater towards individual learning styles
• Creating a sense of accomplishment
• Encourage students to attend concerts and support their peers
• Enhance listening skills by increasing musical diversity
• Develop general musicianship
• Effectively prepare interested students for a career in music
• Promote performing opportunities to improve the learning experience

Feel free to present me with different goals or philosophies that you may have so that we can come up with an individualized program that will work for you.



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