“Tara is a commanding performer who has the ability to clearly communicate these skills to her students and draw forth remarkable talent from each of them. She is truly a gifted teacher.”

Dr. Valerie Watts
Assistant Professor of Flute
University of Oklahoma
Principal Flutist, Oklahoma City Philharmonic


“Tara is a true force of nature. She is an incredible musician, a beautiful person and an inspiring teacher. She has special gifts as an educator and I would recommend her without reservation.”

Dr. Conor Nelson
Assistant Professor of Flute
College of Musical Arts
Bowling Green State University


“Beautiful flutist, Tara Burnett, is an intuitive teacher and excellent communicator. Her performances have wowed audiences and her teachings have inspired young minds and hearts. We are blessed to have her in our music community.”

Donna Shin
Assistant Professor of Flute
University of Washington School of Music
Seattle, WA

“I would highly recommend Tara to any flute student of mine who showed interest in taking flute lessons.  I have seen her work in both the high school setting and the middle school, all the way down to 6th graders and she has the personality and knowledge to adapt to students of all ages.  Tara possesses great knowledge of the flute and what I really like about her teaching is that she has some really fun & interesting ways to teach the important concepts of the flute.”

Joel Deardorf
Band Director
Norman High School


“Tara Burnett is an outstanding music educator.  Our students at Norman North who have studied with her have made tremendous improvement in their playing and are placing in our region and state honor groups.  Tara often comes to the school and directs master classes with our students and she is a consummate professional who has an excellent rapport with the students.  I would strongly recommend her as a private instructor and clinician to any student or school district.”

L. Trent Davis
Director of Instrumental Music
Norman North High School


“I have had the pleasure of watching Tara Burnett develop into an outstanding young flutist and educator. As a student of mine at Stillwater High School Tara was an outstanding young musician. I am elated to now have her as a colleague. Our students at Westmoore that study with her are making great musical strides. Flute students that truly wish to excel and develop their potential will find Tara to be an outstanding mentor.”013

Michael Westbrook
Director of Bands
Westmoore High School


“I could not have asked for a better flute teacher than Tara.  I hired Tara to teach my 8-year-old daughter. My daughter could not read music and could barely make noise come out of the flute head, let alone the whole flute.  Within a couple of weeks, my daughter was able to play a few notes and read music.  After just 4 months, she was able to play a short tune for her school talent show. Tara was not only great technically with the flute, but also personally. My daughter was resistant to the flute at first, but ended up loving the flute and loving Tara. I use to play the flute when I was younger and have decided to pick it back up and to take a few lessons from Tara, also.”

Linda B.
Parent of Burnett Flute Studio


“My daughter has been taking lessons with Tara for a year and loves her lessons. Tara’s passion for flute and teaching inspires her students.  The quality of my daughter’s playing and her confidence as a performer has really improved under Tara’s instruction. We feel very fortunate to have found Tara and would highly recommend her as a flute teacher.”

Clarice C.
Parent of Burnett Flute Studio


“Our daughter has taken lessons from Tara for several years. Upon changing to Tara, we not only noticed an immediate improvement in playing skills, but more importantly to us, a renewed interest in playing the flute.  She is challenging to her students, but in a courteous and constructive manner. Tara has the ability to be a friend and cheerleader, while at the same time having high expectations for her students. She has come to football games to watch the band, and to our daughter’s outside performances. Tara welcomes our questions and comments, and we always get a quick response. In short, she’s the best!”

Jim and Stephanie G.
Parents of Burnett Flute Studio


“If you have ever been lucky enough to hear Tara Burnett in concert, you will already know that she is a dazzling performance musician.  But those of us lucky enough to hear her students in concert also know that she is the rarest of music teachers, the one we all dream of but never seem able to find.  Her students simply shine in concert because Tara meets and matches each one with the support, challenges, and practical advice that makes for outstanding performance skills.Tara’s teaching has truly been a gift to our daughter and our family.  From her first lesson, Tara has stayed right with her through tough times and triumphs.  Tara has an almost uncanny ability to help her envision a great performance, coach her to go for it, and help her make it happen.  These unique gifts really do make her a once-in-a-lifetime teacher, supporter, and friend.”

Karen M.
Parent of Burnett Flute Studio


“My daughter started playing the flute just about one year ago. Her music teacher at the junior high believed that she had talent and recommended that she start taking private lessons. The instructor that he recommended was Tara Burnett. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions that her mother and I have made. Tara has helped Morgan to develop her talent. Morgan loves to play the flute and really looks forward to working with Tara each and every week. Do not let her age fool you, Tara is a true professional and is dedicated to her profession.”

Chris H. and Michell M.
Parents of Burnett Flute Studio


“Our daughter has been taking beginning lessons with Tara for just shy of one year. During this time, Tara has proven herself to not only be an exceptional technical instructor but a great motivator who truly enjoys her time with her students. Tara provides compassionate criticism when needed and consistant praise in every lesson. We really appreciate the way Tara has taken the time and energy to get to know our child as an individual. We couldn’t ask for a better instructor and count our blessings to have Tara working with our child! We happily recommend her to anyone interested in obtaining quality flute instruction!”

Mike and Jennifer P.
Parents of Burnett Flute Studio


“Tara Burnett is truly the best teacher I have had the pleasure to study with. Through her knowledge, dedication, and passion for flute, she has built me into the musician I am today. I have grown more in my one year with Tara than all my years of playing combined. Her holistic approach to teaching has exposed me not only to music, but to history and theory also. It is evident that she cares so much for her students and their success. She has helped me discover my love and passion for music and I am lucky to have found her.”

Thomas T.
Student of Burnett Flute Studio


“Even though this was my first year to take legitimate lessons I believe Tara was the best teacher I could have ever had. She helped me not only grow as a flute student but as a person as well. She is such a sweet person who is happy to see her students and you see that radiate through her teaching. Because of Tara I understand a deeper meaning of music and how to put myself into it. I see how passionate and dedicated she is through her relentless work and studies. I was fortunate to witness one of her recitals and needless to say she was remarkable. I didn’t know how to approach my lessons in the beginning but thankfully Tara helped ease me into that environment and I could never thank her enough. Even though she was my teacher for only a year, Tara will always be my friend and I thank her for all she has done for me and her other students.”

Briana M.
Student of Burnett Flute Studio


“I have been taking lessons from Tara for the last three years, and I can easily say that she is the reason I am the player I am today. I have grown more in my playing ability then I thought was possible. Before my lessons, being in honor groups seemed way out of my reach. However, Tara has shown me that, with a little hard work, anything is possible. She is a fantastic player, teacher, and friend. Anyone who plays the flute would be lucky to study under her, because I know my time with her has been a blessing.”

Julia K.
Student of Burnett Flute Studio


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